Dot the Astronaut

by lassymac

Dot loved to build towering towers
and play with trucks for hours and hours
She loved to play with her brother’s toys
but he said they were just for boys.

NO THEY’RE NOT, cried Dot.

Her brother was a little older
and every day he came and told her
some toys aren’t meant for little ladies
and told her not to be a baby

I’M NOT, wailed Dot.

In her room she thought and thought
about what it meant to be Dot:
What did she want to grow up to be–
certainly not a “lady”!

WHAT ROT, thought Dot.

She made a tower so very high
it’s tippy-top tickled the sky
and looking up she knew right then
what to be when she turned, oh, ten.

AN ASTRONAUT, cried Dot.

She told her brother her new plan.
He laughed and said “You’re not a man!”
She looked at her feet, she looked at her hands,
she did a dance and a headstand.

Oh, I guess I forgot, winked Dot.

The next day she got a cardboard box
and covered it in polka dots
and when her brother came knocking
said, Please, please can I come in?

No you may not, said Dot.

She cut out windows and built wings
and drew an engine on the thing.
Her brother yelled under the door,
“Please let me in, I’m just so bored.”

I think not, said Dot.

She put the fish into the sink
so it would have enough to drink
and plopped the fishbowl on her head
and dreamt of stars when she went to bed.

Ready or not, dreamed Dot.

The next morning she let her brother in
to see just what she’d been building.
He looked in awe at the rocket ship.
She said, “Come on, let’s take a trip”

Thanks a lot! he said to Dot.

They blasted off and flew up high
way past the regular blue sky
into the darkness of outer space
where they held hands to feel safe.

You know, you taught me a lot, he said to Dot.

Then stars dotted the universe
and they looked down at planet earth
where boys and girls can grow up to be
anything they want to be.

The End
(or should I say
dot dot dot.)