Purple Toothed Grin

Category: Motherhood

Home Alone

Baby’s at daycare –
I can still hear her breathing
through the monitor

The Changeling

And accept it that soon
You’ll be drenched to the bone
-Bob Dylan

A baby on a change table
just loves to flip around,
a slippery eel, a flapping reel
winding but unwound.

One false move and she might fall
and hurt her little head
or her diaper’s smelly pearl
might begin to spread

on little hands and little heels
(it’s more than you can take)
until your baby’s frosted like
a goddamn chocolate cake.

And yet you still step up to bat
each and every day
but not without a grumble
about earning danger pay!

She sleeps

and I pick myself
up off the floor
piece by piece like
Lego and rebuild
constructing windows
out of missing pieces
knowing full well
I will be demolished
and reassembled with
clumsy fingers time
and time again.

Nap Time

Yes, I should have slept
but coffee is a siren
and I am a wreck.


Home from vacation
and this much is true:
absence makes old toys
brand spankin’ new.

Are we there yet?

First flight with baby –
I’m mentally preparing
to go mental.

A Still Life in the Dark

Back and forth I rock
but it oscillates no more,
blowing cold air directly
in my face, click click
click clicking in place –
a metronome for lullabies
as I cradle my nursing child.

The fan is stuck and so am I,
keeping time as time creeps by.

Sad songs

We sing sad songs as lullabies
to soften all our babies’ cries
so they may close their little eyes
but also so they’ll realize,
with each melancholy reprise,
that behind dark clouds
are more blue skies.

Come see mummy! Come see mummy! YAY!!

Will I never learn that
she who films the video
has the loudest voice?

Before the blackout blinds

Daylight enters in spite of
the quick-fix fitted sheet
hanging in your window;
the elastic corners
stubbornly pull upwards
letting blue sky and gilded rays
colour outside the lines of your
black-and-white dreams.