Purple Toothed Grin

Tag: riddle


I was just born again,
I’m born again each year;
you’ll know me by my smell,
you’ll know that I am here.

The treasures I uncover
are sometimes better left unfound;
and though I shower for days and days
I still smell like soggy ground.

I’m sprouting a moustache
but it is patchy and it’s green;
I don’t have a mouth but my
tulips can be seen

kissing all the neighbours lawns
while the leaves on all the trees
wave goodbye to the endless cold
and wave hello to me.

[And here’s a link to an older one that I think is a little more fun.]

A widdle riddle

Their bodies were uncovered
long after their heads were discovered;
no longer Johnny-on-a-platter in Salome’s hand,
now they’re just your wacky uncle buried in the sand.
Did their majesty deplete
when we found out they have feet?
Can their glory be reinstated
if once again decapitated?